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7 SCAREY Future Events in Our Solar System...that Affect Us From us entering a gas cloud in the next 20 years to the sun exploding to life forming on mars...these are 7 Scarey Future Space Events that Affect Us. Narration provided by JaM Advertising New Mexico www.tasteofjam.com This is Jupiter’s Giant Red Spot, and it has suffered from this pretty major zit for as long as mankind has observed it, but could this be about to change? The spot is actually a giant raging 300 mile an hour storm which has lasted for at least 186 years, and in all probability much longer. The first people to observe the Spot were Robert Hooke and Gian-Dominique Cassini sometime between 1664 and 1665, but more detailed observations were made in the 1800s, and when we compare images of the Great Red Spot taken by Hubble recently to those shot in the 19th Century, we can see that the Great Red Spot has shrunk by half. Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all look pretty fancy with a ring around them don’t you think? Uranus has a ring too, which sounds pretty painful. But do you ever wonder if Mars gets jealous and wishes it had one of its very own? Well if you wait around long enough you just might see this happen. Despite being a gas giant Jupiter is believed to have a solid core made of iron, rock and ice, but after an experiment by planetary scientists at the California Institute of Technology it seems that this solid core may not last forever. For at least the past 45,000 years our solar system has been making its way through a cloud of gas called the Local Interstellar Cloud. But a study of these interstellar clouds undertaken over several decades by various universities including Chicago and New Hampshire has revealed that we may be about to pass through it, with devastating results. Human beings haven’t visited the Moon since 1972, so it’s no surprise that she may wanna start seeing other people. But sometime in the far future that giant ball of grey cheese in the sky will begin to leave the Earth behind, and the consequences for anything still living here will be huge. In a 2009 issue of the journal Nature the results of a computer simulation were published which showed that at some point over the next few billion years there is a small chance that Mercury could go…a little crazy. Jupiter’s gravity is so strong it actually warps Mercury’s orbit, which at present is elliptical, but could one day become so distorted it overlaps the orbit of Venus. And if that happens, there isn’t a pile of doo doo or a fan big enough to use as a suitable metaphor to describe the carnage that will unfold. It’s inevitable folks. All great stories must come to an end, and the solar system’s eventual quadrillion year run will finish with an absolute doozy.